Brookings (SD, United States) 06/27/2019. – Juan Sánchez-Duarte (INIFAP-CELALA), Nuria García-Fernández (Dairy Knowledge Center) and Fernando Díaz (director of the Dairy Knowledge Center and dairy consultant at Rosecrans Dairy Consulting) presented a poster titled “Assessment of dairy cow performance fed soybean meal or canola meal through a meta-analysis” at the recently celebrated 2019 Annual Meeting of the American Dairy Science Association. The poster analyzes whether the inclusion of soybean or canola flour as a protein source in dairy cows’ diet affects milk production in any form.

The researchers made a meta-analysis of 10 studies published between 1998 and 2019 which evaluated the influence on milk production in cows that received diets that included soybean or canola meal. The authors compared the consumption of dry matter, milk yield and milk composition of the cows included in the 10 studies that were the subject of the meta-analysis.

The results indicated that the cows that received the diet with soybean meal as the main source of protein produced 0.41 kg/day less milk than the cows whose diet was based on canola meal. Nonetheless, dry matter intake, energy-corrected-milk production, milk composition and feed efficiency were not affected by the protein source. The meta-regression indicated that milk yield was indeed affected by the forage of cereal grain included in the diets.

In conclusion, the authors did not difference in cow performance and feed efficiency between cows fed canola or soybean meal-based diets.


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