With the main goal of following the DKC’s motto, “evolving the dairy industry,” the DKC Quarterly publishes ideas and insights from the DKC team and the world’s leading experts in a thought-provoking way.

The Quarterly provides emerging trends and research outputs that will impact the future of sustainable dairy production systems. It presents new developments in technology, business, people capital management, environmental issues, and cow care, among others.



2019 ISSUE 2

Benefits of dairy consumption

Milk and other dairy products like cheese and yogurt have been a key component of the human diet around the globe for thousands of years and have become a main recommended dietary category by many governmental agencies worldwide.

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Biofilm formation on dairy separation membranes

The use of membrane separation processes allows concentration and fractionation of whey components to obtain valuable ingredients for food and other applications. Manufacturers employ several different membrane separation techniques including ultrafiltration (UF), microfiltration (MF), nanofiltration (NF), and reverse osmosis (RO), to separate out the different components of whey and create whey products to the exact specifications of the end user.

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The future of technology in projecting dairy financial results

Technological advancements are all around the dairy farm these days. Whether it be robotic milking systems, sire selection or ventilation systems, there has been a wave of new technology for dairy farms to take advantage of. With this influx of new technology, one of the key elements that has somewhat been overshadowed or under-utilized is the use of technological advancement in the area of projecting financial results.

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