The Dairy Knowledge Center (DKC) is a global platform where progressive dairy research and management practices are shared. The DKC’s multidisciplinary team researches and brings insights and strategies that help dairy leaders gain competitive advantage on their operations. Innovation is the main core value at DKC.

Working with an extensive network of external collaborators, leading scholars, and partners, we explore ideas that will transform the dairy industry of tomorrow.

Research Park at South Dakota State University


Nuria García-Fernández


Nuria García-Fernández is the President of the Dairy Knowledge Center. She holds a DVM and a PhD in Dairy Sciences and has extensive experience with veterinary diagnostics and antimicrobial susceptibility testing. She has conducted research studies on molecular diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance genes, and the use of enzymes in cleaning biofilms.

Fernando Diaz, the Dairy Knowledge Center’s Director


Fernando Diaz is the Dairy Knowledge Center’s Director. Dr. Diaz works as an independent Dairy Nutrition and Management Consultant at Rosecrans Dairy Consulting, LLC. He provides consultation to dairies and feed companies including nutrition and feeding management, forage and crop plans, and research and product development of new feedstuffs, additives and technologies for dairy cows.

GarciaAlvaro (002)


Alvaro D. Garcia is a tenured Professor of Dairy and Food Sciences at South Dakota State University as well as the SDSU Extension Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He has traveled the world helping farmers in more than 20 countries. He has written more than 500 technical articles, three book chapters, and presented in conferences worldwide. He currently reviews and edits all SDSU Extension ANR pieces published yearly.


Luis A. Quintela
USC Professor


Dr. Quintela is a Professor in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) since 1994. Dr. Quintela teaches reproduction and his main field of research is the improvement of reproductive efficiency in dairy cattle. Luis A. lives in Lugo (Spain) and can be contacted at


To improve dairy production systems by facilitating the transfer and implementation of dairy research findings into real-world application.


Evolving the dairy industry focused in efficiency, cow welfare, and environmental sustainability.